(FAQ) Frequently Asked Questions ~ Know Before You Buy

Frequently Asked Questions ~ (FAQ) ~ Know Before You Buy 

  • Please also read our Terms & Conditions of our website located on the link under this FAQ link
  • Please continue to email us at dellaamassarda@yahoo.com. Thank you for your patience as we work through learning some new technologies!

*** Updated 3.28.22 ***

Please email dellaamassarda@yahoo.com for Customer Service questions as it is the most efficient way of communicating while we are Spring Cleaning on the website. It helps us to have the original email when or if needed for research reasons. This is also the most helpful way to to communicate with SARDA through their help@sarda.com email address as well in regards to SARDA products, Warranty Claims and/or feedback. We thank you for your patience!

How long will it take before I get a response on my customer service inquiries? Della Ama’s SARDA is available for returning customer service inquiries from 9AM AM to 4PM EST, Monday Through Friday. We will respond within in & up to 3 to 5 business days. During promotional events, peak Holiday shopping periods, & other business needs inquiries may take longer to respond to.

What is a HTTP 404 error code? As Della Ama's SARDA is a smaller online boutique store, our inventory may turn over quicker on some products more than others. To maintain integrity of our website, old listings need to be removed, quite often daily. If an item has sold out and the listing is removed, a HTTP 404 error code is received on this site, when an external link is clicked. We are always working hard to provide up to date inventory as soon as possible throughout 2022!

    How does your Free Shipping work? All Free Shipping provided by Della Ama’s SARDA is NOW provided by the United States Post Office (USPS) With Insurance Included Up To $100. For more information please visit the USPS's website, ask your local carrier or contact your local USPS office.

    ****Updated 3/18/22*****

    Free Shipping is provided by USPS Priority Shipping, as we are transitioning back after Pandemic Level shipping problems across the World, to USPS which is located closer to our office. Eventually, we will be transitioning back to USPS First Class Packaging for our Free Shipping option which we were using prior to Pandemic Level shipping problems. Insurance & Priority Shipping will be available for purchase at checkout. Della Ama's SARDA is not responsible for delays or lost packages with USPS, if Priority Insurance and/or Insurance has not been purchased by the buyer at checkout.

    UPS shipping has been delayed significantly at times during the current COVID-19 global pandemic crisis & has been reported to take up to 30 days and even beyond for successful delivery. This notification is to make the Buyer aware of these potential risks. These continued shipping delays have been highlighted in many recent online & news reports. We understand this continued frustration as a retailer & as an online customer as well.

    Della Ama’s SARDA, Della Ama's Collections, or Della Ama, LLC is not responsible for USPS, UPS delays, loss of packages by the USPS, UPS, damaged items during shipment or theft of the items once delivered to the buyer’s address. Please refer to USPS, UPS for continued updates during the pandemic situation. All major shipping carriers, including USPS, UPS & Fed Ex are encountering record & unprecedented online shopping transactions during these times, please review to their websites as well for further updates. We understand these delays are extremely frustrating & disappointing, as we have encountered these same delays from our own vendors & as an online shopping customer ourselves. 

    Update 10.5.21 - UPS has informed us they will not start an investigation in regards to a "Delivered" item until the Buyer has contacted them first with any tracking information to start an investigation. We understand how frustrating this can be, but this is the UPS shipper policy.

    *Some individual items may have shipping included, & this will be included in each individual item listing*

    A great website for information from the USPS: https://faq.usps.com/s/article/Delayed-Mail-and-Packages

    1-800-742-5877 (1-800-PICK-UPS®)

    A great website for information from UPS for Claims Support Help is:


    Updated 10.1.21 - Recent news stories are indicating shipping services may continue to experience delays through the 2021 Holiday Season. We understand very much how frustrating this is both as a retailer & a private consumer. We continue to appreciate your understanding & patience through these continuing unprecedented times. Please utilize the above websites for continued updates with the shipping services we are able to offer.

    In addition many of these services are increasing their prices for their continued services. We are always evaluating any new business policies that may need to be implemented to continue operations as a small business.

    Can I purchase priority mail, insurance or have signature required to additionally protect my purchase? Any additional services required to protect the purchase of the new jewelry is purchased at the buyer’s expense. Shipment options are available upon checkout to select the shipping that is best for the buyer’s needs. Della Ama’s SARDA has experimented with Signature Required shipping in the past, and feedback received concluded that each personal shipping situation is unique, therefore it is the buyer’s responsibility to inform Della Ama’s SARDA prior to purchase or during the checkout process, that they wish to purchase additional shipping options to better protect their jewelry purchase than what standard UPS Ground Shipping or USPS First Class Service can provide (See above for additional information on First Class Shipping.) We have contacted USPS before on behalf of a customer's inquiry & USPS has informed per their policies they may also need up to 30 days to investigate any claims. Please contact USPS, Fed Ex, or UPS for any further questions.

    If I make a Review on an item or a Testimonial will it show right away? The website does put these items into a "review" status and the review or testimonial needs to be released by staff. Generally, we are able to see & review these right away, but sometimes it can take up to a few days. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, & we thank you for taking the time to review one of SARDA's products!

    What if I made a purchase & want to cancel the order before my order is shipped? Please email Della Ama's SARDA at dellaamassarda@yahoo.com. We will try everything we can to cancel the order before fulfillment & the item has shipped. Unfortunately, if the item has been fulfilled & shipped we would be unable to cancel the order.

    What if I purchase the wrong size in my order & want to exchange the items before my order is shipped? Please email Della Ama's SARDA at dellaamassarda@yahoo.com. We will try everything we can to cancel the order before fulfillment to replace the item with the requested piece. Unfortunately, if the item has been fulfilled the buyer would need to pay for return shipping of the purchased item and the shipping cost of the new requested item.

    Do you Send a Free Gift With All Of My Purchases? We are very happy to send a Free Polishing Cloth on your First Purchase as a welcome gift. Thank you so very much for your purchase & business!

    If I order an item will it always be in stock? While every effort is made to maintain strict inventory control, in the event an item is out of stock, we will be happy to refund the purchase price or work with you to find a comparable replacement. Thank you for your understanding.

    How do I choose a Ring Size?

    It is recommended on a larger, wider ring band shank to size up from a normal known worn ring size due to the extra thickness of the band on the finger. If a ring size happens to be too large, or the size on a particular finger changes, in general if the ring size is larger in fitting, there are plastic ring size adjusters that are available for purchase on the internet to help accommodate for a larger fitting ring.

    Can I use other shipment methods besides UPS? USPS (United States Postal Service) & Fed Ex (Federal Express) Services are available upon checkout by using the selected link.

    Do you have a permanent discount on your website? We no longer have a permanent type of discount or "on-going" sale on our site. We will publish discounts that are available with details on what a percentage may be and the timeframe that the discount is available.

    Do you charge Local, State or Federal Taxes?  Della Ama's SARDA will adhere to all applicable Local, State, & Federal tax laws. Charging or collecting applicable taxes at checkout may change at any time, without further notification, as we all need to be in compliance with all requirements set forth by the applicable Local, State & Federal tax laws, upon in which the buyer resides. All Maine State Residents are subject to the current sales tax rate of 5.5% on their purchases.

    Effective August 1st, 2021, dated June 10th, 2021:

    Can I return my items once received? Della Ama’s SARDA return policy is as follows until August 1st, 2021:

    • Items may be returned for a cash refund to the original form of payment within 30 days of delivered confirmation to the buyer’s address. No cash refunds, returns or exchanges will be processed after 30 days.
    • A return of original form of payment is not made until item is received back to Della Ama's SARDA
    • After August 1st, 2021: 
    • Items may be returned for a cash refund to the original form of payment within 2 weeks of the shipment date of original order purchase date. No cash refunds, returns or exchanges will be processed after 2 weeks.
    • Original Tags Must Be Attached. If the Tag is detached a 25% Industry Standard Restocking fee may apply.
    • If An Item has All Sales Final in the title, the item will not be accepted for a return, exchange, credit or any form of payment refund. These items may be non~returnable to SARDA due to Clearance or Discontinued stock plans. All Sales Final may also include extreme discounts from MSRP or Regular Retail Pricing and are sold as All Sales Final with the significant discount passed to the buyer, thus not being eligible for a return, exchange, credit or payment refund. 
    • All Sales Final items still qualify for any SARDA Warranties. Please contact help@sarda.com for additional questions & service.
    • Warranty Request Processing and/or Return requests made to Della Della Ama's SARDA and/or SARDA Inc., may require pictures, order number, & reference to the original date of purchase for efficient processing.
    • Returns are handled 1 of 2 ways:
      • The buyer may email Della Ama’s SARDA at dellaamassarda@yahoo.com and request a return label sent to buyers email address. Upon receiving the item, Della Ama’s SARDA will refund the original purchase price less $7.99.
      • The buyer may mail the item at the buyer’s expense to:

    Della Ama’s SARDA

    PO Box 2

    Skowhegan, ME 04976 

    • Processing of the returns, once received by Della Ama’s SARDA may take up to 14 business days to allow for any possibility of peak retail buying seasons, marketing events, inventory reconciliations, & business closures for vacations and/or Holidays.

    After 3 Returns in a rolling 12-month period, a 25% jewelry industry comparable restocking fee may be charged & subtracted from the original form of payment prior to processing the refund.

    Effective August 1st, 2021, dated June 10th, 2021:

    Can I receive a refund or exchange for a defective item or warranty replacement? If an item is considered defective, a SARDA warranty replacement item will be processed through SARDA, Inc. & SARDA.com after the same 2 week of the shipment date of original order purchase date. Please also contact help@sarda.com for any further questions.

    • Actual product received may be different than the item pictured, as gemstone's have natural changes in variations by colors, sizes, & weights

    Effective until August 1st, 2021, dated June 10th, 2021:

    Can I receive a refund or exchange for a defective item or warranty replacement? If an item is considered defective, a SARDA warranty replacement item will be processed through SARDA, Inc. & SARDA.com after the same 30 days of the shipment date of original order purchase date. Please also contact help@sarda.com for any further questions.

    • Actual product received may be different than the item pictured, as gemstone's have natural changes in variations by colors, sizes, & weights

    Can I make an exchange with an item I have received to another item that is available in a different size or style? As our inventory levels can change instantly, especially during peak Holiday seasons and special promotional events, it is recommended that a purchase is made to remove the item out of inventory and the return with the refund process will be followed as mentioned above.

    • Actual product received may be different than the item pictured, as gemstone's have natural changes in variations by colors, sizes, & weights

    What if I open my package and my item is not in my box? Della Ama’s SARDA uses multiple processes to verify orders & shipment of the items correctly. Please check your box your items were sent in thoroughly for the item possibly being “lost” within the packaging material. Refunds will be unable to be processed for “missing items.” 

    Do you offer promotions & discounts? All promotions & discounts will be published through emails, website alerts, & social media platforms. Due to updated accounting, inventory reconciliations & business processes additional discounts, bundled & combined discounts are unavailable at this time. We will continue to look for new ways to implement these services as they have been requested by customers in the past. For all accounting purposes, purchases are made directly through this website or other established selling platforms such as eBay or Amazon or any additional future selling platforms. Della Ama’s SARDA reserves the right to email promotional offers to customers who have opted into receiving offers, for any marketing purpose, not also offered at the same time to past, current or future customers. Due to the nature of a small Boutique business, we are unable to match pricing to larger retailer companies. We are unable to offer or process refunds if pricing or promotions change after a purchase is made. We are and always continue to offer competitive pricing & promotions as often as possible.

    Do you offer Free Giveaways? Della Ama’s SARDA offers many giveaway promotions. We publish giveaways through emails, website alerts, & social media platforms. Giveaway entries and winners are chosen randomly using a Random Name Picker application. Void Where Prohibited. No Purchase Necessary. Must be 18 Years Or Older To Enter. 

    Do You Ship Your Items From Multiple Locations? Yes, there are multiple locations that SARDA jewelry can ship from. If this is the situation within your order, you will receive multiple tracking numbers for each location of where the item may be shipping from.

    Do you offer holds or layaways? Due to updated accounting, inventory reconciliations & business processes holds & layaways are unavailable at this time. We will continue to look for new ways to implement these services as they have been requested by customers in the past.

    Does Della Ama’s SARDA ship Internationally? We are currently updating our International Shipment policies and will update these here shortly. 

    Effective as of 9.9.21: We had been able to offer an International USPS First Class postage available for purchase at check out to our International customers. Unfortunately, at this time this option is not available for us to fulfill & this could be due to changing COVID-19 Pandemic shipping situations. We apologize for this inconvenience as we hope this service becomes available as soon as possible. We are still able to offer the UPS service available for purchase at checkout at this time.

    Effective as of 9.29.21: UPS International Shipping rates have had a recent significant increase in shipping expenses & costs. We have had to adjust our shipping prices to be able to offer shipping through UPS at this time. We understand any inconvenience & frustration this may cause & we hope to see changes by the shipper or possibly other shipping solutions in the future.

    How long will it take for my PayPal eCheck to Clear? PayPal uses an alternative form of payment called eCheck that has taken 10 to 14 business days to clear in the past. Please inquire with PayPal on their processing guidelines & policies.

    Do I have to create an account on the Della Ama’s SARDA website? An account is not required to be set up with the Della Ama’s SARDA website. However, there is an option to add a phone number and/or an email address. Shipping updates are sent to email addresses, and it is possible our emails are sent to spam occasionally as well. 

    Can you guarantee delivery by a certain date especially during the Peak Holiday Season? Unfortunately, with the global COVID-19 Pandemic previous shipping estimates have been challenged and there is unfortunately no certain way we can guarantee delivery on certain dates & times. We will provide a drop-down selection on the Checkout page to offer services provided by mail carriers & shippers that may assist with this request. Please check with their websites or customer service in regards to possible delays their systems may be experiencing. 

    Can SARDA or Della Ama’s SARDA repair my jewelry or size my ring? At this time neither SARDA, Inc. or Della Ama’s SARDA offers a jewelry bench repair or ring sizing service. Please refer to a local jewelry store for additional advice for these requests. This is an area of service that we are exploring to possibly offer some type of service in the future.

    Does Della Ama’s SARDA offer any additional warranty guarantees or service insurance on my item once it has been purchased? Della Ama’s SARDA does not offer any additional warranty, replacement, damage, or service insurance other than what SARDA, Inc. offers for their jewelry. This is another area of service we are exploring to possibly offer some type of similar services in the future.

    Does Della Ama’s SARDA match prices of other online retailers? As Della Ama’s SARDA is a small business that works daily to offer competitive pricing for all of the jewelry & products, with new business processes in effect, we are unable to match a requested price request.

    Does Della Ama’s SARDA sell new or used pieces of Janyl’s or SARDA’s? All of Della Ama’s SARDA’s pieces are directly from SARDA, Inc & are labeled new with tag, unless otherwise specified. Any Clearance, or All Sales Final items will be marked on any SARDA approved replacement tag, and also mentioned as so in the original title & listing.

    Why Are Some Of Your Prices Higher or Lower Between Different Items And/Or Types of Pieces? Della Ama's SARDA recognizes prices are very important to customer's in selecting their pieces to purchase. We will continue to offer as many Della's Deals, Sale, Clearance & New Releases at as much of a competitive pricing structure as possible. Factors such as, industry pricing for Sterling Silver, Gemstones, Labor, Treatment Processes, Shipping, Inventory Levels, Packaging & other business expenses may affect fluctuation in price differences.

    Do I have to continue to receive Della Ama’s SARDA’s enclosed packing material such as velvet, satin, cotton jewelry bags or SARDA jewelry packaging boxes? Please feel free to let us know by email at dellaamassarda@yahoo.com if you would no longer wish to receive any additional packaging material.

    Can I ship to an additional shipping address other than my own when I check out? Yes, an optional shipping address is available upon checkout.

    How are SARDA necklaces measured? SARDA Necklaces are measured from end to end of the necklace. To find the drop divide the total length by 2 and that will give an approximate drop length.

    Can Della Ama's SARDA cancel my order? Della Ama's SARDA reserves the right to cancel any order for any business need.

    🌟 Cannot apply on orders after expiration
    🌟 Codes are flash & spontaneous discounts

    Effective 1.10.21

    Della Ama’s SARDA 2020. All Rights Are Reserved.

    Please contact us at dellaamassarda@yahoo.com for any further suggestions, comments or feedback.